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"Hi. I recently came across ur website. it is really great for beginners like me. I have taken this picture in Monterey Bay, California. Tried to take SunSet as well as tree at the same time. It will be great if u can give some comments about it." (Aseem Rastogi)

Sunset cropped
You've produced a really colorful picture on the left, but the sunset itself is a little hidden away, so on the right I've moved in closer and positioned it at the intersection of thirds. I think this makes a bolder picture.

Reply from Aseem Rastogi: "Hi... thanx a lot for your prompt comments. After the modification it really looks nice and concentrate on the subject. regards aseem"

"I'm a true amateur; though I've been shooting for about 9 years now, I don't feel like i've made much progress, for various reasons (time, money, lack of a mentor). I would really appreciate you taking a look at the attached photos, and letting me know what you think. They're not what I consider my best, but unfortunately, they're the only recent ones I have scanned at the moment =)." (Josh Salit)

"My brother and his son. Of the ones i've sent you, I like this photo the best. I was attempting to show, at the same time, the amazing love and devotion of the father, to the innocence and curiosity of the son...or maybe i was hoping for too much?"

I think you've caught just the moment you wanted. Remove the empty space, as on the left, and you've a very successful photo, although there are a couple of little blemishes on the child's face that could perhaps be removed.

"Basically just of-the-moment...could be framed better, i know."

As you say, your photo could be framed better, as here. Once again, try to concentrate attention on your main subject. But these are really lively and interesting photos.

"I have always loved taking photos, and I've very recently decided I want to pursue photography as a career. I haven't taken many photos with a specific vision or purpose as of yet, but I wanted to send a couple of my favorite spur of the moment photos and see what you thought of them. The first is a photo of Piccadilly Circus in London, taken during my college's travel abroad program. The second is a snapshot I took at the Tower of London, that I think ended up turning out pleasingly eerie and foreboding. And the third is a snapshot I took of my little brother when I was experimenting with black and white film. I know I should've gotten closer, but I was wondering what you thought of this one besides that aspect. Thanks in advance!" (Sally Bailey)

Piiccadilly Circus
This has come out fine, but it might have been more interesting to have seen more of Piccadilly Circus in the foreground, so as to identify the place more clearly.
Tower of London
I don't really think this works very well because it shows so little of the Tower of London. The grim branches in the foreground were a good idea, but there's not enough of real interest in the background.
Boy cropped
I think your photo on the left is by far the most successful of the ones you sent me, as it has the most human interest. As you realise, though, a closer view would have been better, as on the right.

Reply from Sally Bailey: "Thank you so much for the critique Have a wonderful day!"

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