A bit of humour helps

Hints and tips from Philip Grosset

Look out for subjects that other people might not have spotted. Use your camera to express your own point of view - and your own sense of humour.

Children's comic books
What the churchwarden reads during services? Spotted at St Mary's Church, Walsingham.
Three dolls
Just good friends? Rosie, Jim and Postman Pat used to be favourite dolls of my grandchildren.
Boy with dirty face
My grandson Christopher helping to bake his 2nd birthday cake! Children with messy faces, or getting into other scrapes, will always amuse the family.
Baby with horns
Children dressing up can also provide good photo opportunities! My 9 month old grandson Robert was wearing real (toy) horns, then I used a computer image editor (Photoshop) to add what seemed an appropriate background.
Athlete's Foot sign
Unfortunate choice of name for a sports outfitters in Paphos, Cyprus?
A shop window in Cromer, Norfolk.

As clear as mud, isn't it?
Another shop window in Cromer.

Even children pulling faces can (sometimes) be amusing.
The safest way to produce jokes like this is to use a photo editing programm to superimpose the boy on the skeleton.
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