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Hints and tips from Philip Grosset

Take Better Photos
Title page.

Picking the best viewpoint
The need to decide what you want to show, and to get in close enough to show your subject really clearly.

Which is the better photo? The most obvious viewpoint is seldom the best: three different views of the old fort at Paphos, and of the harbour at Puerto de la Cruz. Should we use b&w?

Improving the picture
How foreground framing adds depth, subjects can look better off-centre at the intersection of thirds, how getting too close can distort portraits and how to allow space in front of the subject, as well as getting the right exposure.

Using flash
Red-eye: cause and cure. How flash can over-expose the foreground and under-expose the background, and how a location can have much more atmosphere without it.

Against the light
The need to experiment, to use fill-in flash, and to shade the lens from the sun

Setting the scene
Finding the best viewpoint, catching the right moment, and getting the focus right.

Travel photos
The need for effort and patience, and how contrasting colors and/or human interest can make a picture more appealing.

Travel photos 2: Tenerife
How foreground framing adds depth to scenic shots. Looking out for characteristic close-ups.

Travel photos 3: Venice
Keeping our eyes open so as to take really personal pictures.

Wait until they are busy, or (sometimes) let them turn to look at the camera!

I've been asked to include this! A summary of practical suggestions for photographing people, including an explanation of the difference between soft focus and out of focus.

Another request! Simple suggestions for improving landscapes.

The need to get in close.

A bit of humour helps
Express your own point of view and sense of humour.

Computer enhancement
A photo editing program can do much to improve the look of a picture - everything from a simple family photo to a flower or a stained glass window.

Some suggestions for the guest photographer.

Hints and tips for photographing pets and other creatures.

Photo critiques. How to get free critiques of your photos.

Your photos
. Nearly 40 pages of critiques!

The main lessons to be learned from all the above pages of photos.
Read this even if you don't have time for anything else!

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