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Santa Maria Look out for scenes typical of the place you are visiting. Funchal in Madeira sees the arrival of many cruise liners, but this view of one taken from the replica of Columbus' ship, the Santa Maria, is more out of the ordinary. When the main subject is far away, it is all the more important to find really interesting foreground framing, as here.

Botanical Gardens, Funchal
Market in Funchal
Here are two more examples of relevant foreground framing. They show the Botanical Gardens in Funchal and the market, where the bananas and oranges serve this purpose..
Frigiliana near Nerja on the Costa del Sol in Spain - but with no-one in sight. This brings out the picturesque buildings, contrasting effectively with the blue sky, but....

Frigiliana Children in Funchal
..... generally I prefer to include some human interest.
On the left: The Frigiliana workman and his load-bearing horse bring the picture to life. His face is in shadow, but, although I had to step right out in front of him to take it, I drew the line at using flash. It's amazing how many tourists flash away at anything, regardless of how disturbing it is.
On the right: The children are on a nursery school trip in the gardens of an old house in Funchal. It was their uniforms that drew my attention.

Nerja Nerja in Spain. Photo by Tim Grosset. He had to get up early in the morning to find it as uncrowded and colourful as this. And he had to recognise a potential picture when he saw it! You've really got to put yourself out to take good travel pictures.
With many tourist sites (and especially indoor ones), it's very hard to beat the official pictures, so it's always worth having a look at the available picture postcards. They may give you ideas!

This sandcastle on the beach at Puerto Pollensa in Majorca was constantly being photographed, but the people who photographed it at night all seemed to be using flash. This would have prevented the sandcastle's own lights showing up and, unless a special slow flash setting was used, would have lost the background in darkness.

Your photos can be used to express what you feel about a place. This was Swanage Bay in Dorset on a particularly rainy day. Photo by Tim Grosset.
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